【楽天スーパーセール】 JERN ヤーン 新品 ペア (グレー) 14DS スピーカー-スピーカー

JERN ヤーン スピーカー 14DS (グレー) ペア 新品


JERN14 DS Loudspeaker

The JERN14 was developed to work with high quality subwoofers.

Therefore it is -6dB at 90 Hz. Our JERN12 can be used without a subwoofer.

Due to less bass demanded from the woofer, the JERN14 can play louder with less distortion than the JERN12.

The JERN14 is the new revolutionary compact speaker from JERN. It is elegant and small, but it delivers High End audio quality. The keys to its performance are its shape, components and choice of materials.JERN is not a mass producer of loudspeakers. Each speaker remains essentially hand-built by people with decades of experience at their fingertips.

JERN14 DS Specification

・Design:Two way. Phase linear wide dispersion design. Sealed cabinet for best transient response. Dimensions 30 cm tall, 19,5 cm deep and 21 cm wide. Net weight 12,54 kg.

・Drive Units:Scan-Speak woofer 5 1/4 inch 149 mm cast frame. Very smooth frequency response +- 2dB op to 9 kHz.· Excellent Midrange Performance · Low Damping SBR Rubber Surround · Coated NRSC Fibre Glass Cone · Die cast Aluminium chassis vented below spider. Scan-Speak small 20 mm textile dome tweeter with a long excursion of +-0,7 mm, good for 6 dB / Octave phase linear filters. Sheep wool damping of the tweeter.

・Frequency response:90 – 20.000 Hz

・Comments These JERN14 loudspeakers need to work with high quality subwoofers.They are a very easy load for amplifiers.

・Crossover The phase linear 6dB/octave custom-made crossover uses a Mundorf polypropylene capacitor and an air core coil. It delivers a fine 3D soundstage.

・Amplifier requirements 25 – 150W / 8 Ohm Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 88 dB Impedance 8Ω

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